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are salespeople, born or made?

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telling isn’t selling, sell naked!Jim may very well have the best product for Mr. Simmons but he didn’t see it that way. When a prospect gives you a hint of a need address that need by asking really good pointed questions

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Unfortunately, too many businesses are currently caught up in the trap of being too focused on short-term cost-saving measures, rather than looking at the big picture and investing in their business. So, most are not putting their sales staff through a disciplined and strategically focused training program.   Today, they have to know exactly what […]

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Networking is a highly misunderstood activity. Business people feel it is for prospecting new clients. ITS NOT! It is for meeting people to find a few strategic alliances. A strategic alliance is someone that may speak to a potential client of yours and refer you to them and vice versa. Here are a few tips; […]

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Ryan, a software sales rep, had been having a rough day. He’d been bombarded with questions from several customers and had gotten behind on work that he needed to finish before the end of the day. Then he got a call from Wayne, a prospect who introduced himself by saying, “I’ve heard great things […]

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godaddy imageSeptember 22, 2015 For Immediately Release;   Greta Schulz Joins The “GoDaddy-Garage” Greta Schulz is now a contributing editor and writer for the “GoDaddy Garage”. “The Garage” is a new blog that GoDaddy is publishing that will have in-depth articles about web site development, online sales, content marketing, and the use of WordPress with GoDaddy […]

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What’s the new normal when it comes to developing business? This is not the old ‘ask a few questions, give your features and benefits and trial close’. The 70s wants their slick sales guy back. Today you need to be smart, curious and a true consultant to sell. Here are a few things that today […]

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  “Joanne is leaving and I need someone for that territory! I need help do you know anyone?” A week doesn’t pass without someone asking about looking for a new sales employee. I hear it all the time. So why is everyone having such a problem? Here are some common hiring mistakes we see and […]

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Is social media killing our sales skills? – Schulz Business Sellutions.