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Archive for May 2009

What’s in YOUR proposal?

May 28, 2009

I was recently training over breakfast with a group of professionals who are all very successful in their careers.  As we discussed the importance of asking good questions during your interview with the prospect, so you understand exactly what they are looking for before you present your recommendations, one of the men in the room […]

What’s different in sales today

May 25, 2009

What is working today in your sales environment? In asking this question to lots of groups around the country  have gotten a variety of answers. Some say more cold calling is working better, some have had success in networking fiendishly. In the physical face to face  sale, I am hearing the actual show of value is […]

Selling naked tells us what we need to do

May 18, 2009

Today we are stripped of all comfort. The low hanging fruit is gone. We are naked when it comes to selling. All we have are the tools we have learned and if your tools dont include a process of how to sell and sell properly you are in trouble. I am so amazed how having […]

Selling is a book not a movie

May 12, 2009

When you read a book then see the movie which is typically better? Most people would agree that the book is better. Why? Because the ability to come up with your own view of the characters, how you see them, what exactly the scene looks like etc. is all part of your own interpretation of […]

Ask better questions

May 11, 2009

If  you ask better questions your brain will have to “think” to answer it. When you encourage thought in others they become engaged in the conversation. This is also true in a sales environment. If you would like a prospect to see things your way and engage in conversation with you ask thought-provoking questions. It is […]

What’s the definition of a salesperson today?

May 6, 2009

At a seminar this morning a man who was in his 70’s and still working (you go guy) asked me a very intersting question. What do you think really defines a salesperson today as opposed to 30 years ago? Wow! I pondered this one a while. I am not often at a loss for words but […]

Knowledge is power???

May 4, 2009

Amy K. , a speaker I have heard a few times lately had a great quote. “knowledge is power is wrong…Knowledge is PERMANENT”! make sure what you are learning is the right thing to learn because it will become permanent in your brain…whether you want it to or not!