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Selling is a book not a movie

When you read a book then see the movie which is typically better? Most people would agree that the book is better. Why? Because the ability to come up with your own view of the characters, how you see them, what exactly the scene looks like etc. is all part of your own interpretation of the story. Your own view is always more powerful and impactful because it’s yours. Not only do we see the story more clearly we are able to make it ours. As humans that is important in believing what is presented to us.

It is a true skill to help your prospect understand how best to use your product or service without actually telling them. The self realization of the best way you can help them solve their problem is through a series of thought-provoking questions. I call these questions “advantage questions”. Advantage questions are the idea of taking your advantage and asking it as a question to get the prospect to self-realize that they need what you have and why…if in fact they do.

The difference is allowing the prospect to think for themselves and come up with their own ideas on how the advantages (features and benefits) of your product or service might help them and their business.

So are you sharing a book or a movie?

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