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Going Webinar! Should you or shouldn’t you?

I have recently began a training program online through webinars. I have had lots of questions about the success of it and how and why I did it.

It’s interesting how things work. For years now my friend Jay Berkowitz of TenGoldenRules.com who is the guru on internet marketing, has been telling me how I am missing a great opportunity to get this great information out there to the masses.  Not that I didnt agree but I felt that having an audience is important. What I mean is, I was very well known at the time in South Florida and I don’t know about you but feel a referral is a heck of alot more powerful then some “chick” on the internet.

Whether that is true or not, this is one of the reasons I waited. So now I am a published author, columnist for Business Journals around the country and nationwide speaker…I am ready.

It didn’t start out being webinars alone. I shared with a client and smart business person in his own right, Steve Gordon, of Global Mind that I wanted to do an ongoing training using what I remembered my mom using for recipies with Betty Crocker years ago. She ordered receipies and recieved a storage box of sorts. Then monthly, recieved new receipies to fill the box. I thought how can I do that in sales training and Steve began, on a napkin in an airport bar, laying out the beginnings of that plan. It has changed much since then, adding web trainings to go along with the “recipies” for success.

So if you are thinking about doing your business on line, though video or webinars I would recommend contacting Jody Underhill from upsidedowniceberg.com. He walked me through how to put these ideas all together.

When you have an idea, share it, talk to lots of people you admire. They will help you come up with your plan. Its new and changing all o fte  time. Don’t do it alone, but….just do it ! To check it out. Go to; OfficialB2Bsalesplaybook.com

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