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Are you looking forward or looking back?

 It is ok to reflect but there is no looking back in order to get your head in the game your going to have to make a powerful decision no more stinking thinking. I am convinced the battlefield for most people rests between there own two ears. Lets face it we have all fell victim to the  blues that’s where sales people start to think things like wow I did great last year, but I will I repeat it? Where will my business come from? IT’S a tougher market.

Make a choice today to shake it off and get your head in the game, nobody controls your hard drive except you in my house we call it clicker control so change the channel to something positive and stir up the gift that’s in you.

I am not suggesting that you throw the whole computer away or even saying to call the technician but you might have to search your anxious heart and do a check up from the neck up. 

The good news is anybody can be transformed by the renewing of his or her mind. You will have to exercise it and it takes lots of work and it’s not a drive through pharmacy. Your mind has to be reprogrammed to think about the positive .You can do this first by feeding it with proper nutrition in light of your feelings or circumstances. Then find a positive fact that is going on today. Not a “feel good” “Oh, I’ll just be happier” crap a real fact like people even in this market ARE buying. We just need to find them. Start with that

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