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How Creative are you?

 When I was young back in the 70s, I remember the economy being a problem then as well. All I really knew was we had to wait on long lines to get gas but from my parent’s perspective; it’s been more stressful then just filling the car.

My dad was a package designer in New York. He had some large clients one being General Foods who, at the time, produced a large percentage of the food in the grocery store. He had his own small business and was very successful, unfortunately with a few large clients.

In 1972 General Foods told my dad they were not designing any food packages. It was on hold for now with no end date in sight. Being creative, my dad went to meet with the decision makers at the company and asked some good questions and learned they were needing to move product. My dad suggested (after learning that they have some budget but only a percentage of what they had) that he created some “flags” which is an advertising term for the little starbursts and small writing that says “10% off”, “new” etc. to put on the existing packages and update them without the cost of a redo. They liked the idea and a new line of small project business was born…holding us through the economic storm. How creative are you with your clients today?

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