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To persuade or convince

Is there a difference between persuading and convincing? Absolutely! Convincing someone of something is something that is done to them, persuasion is something done with them. Is this the Websters version of these definitions? No but in the world of sales it is an easy way to understand it.

When on a sales call, to ask a few questions, listen for an “in” and begin telling them why using  your product or service is the answer to their problems  is convincing. Telling is always convincing because it comes from you.

 Persuading is the ability to ask questions, listen to the answers and instead of telling, continuing to ask and drill down to the real issue.  Once the real issue is uncovered and the consequences of not solving these issues are clear, then and only then can you match what your solutions will do to solve those particular issues. The reason? You have laid out the opportunity for them to self discover it.

 So stop the temptation to tell the prospect why they should use you and guide the prospect to come to their own conclusion by asking the right questions to get them there.

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