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Law of Attraction?

I often get questions about the now famous book “The Secret”. What do you think about it? Is it true that if you dream it, it will come true?

I dont know that the meaning is that if you think of it, it will then come true. Certainly things arent that simple. If they were, we would all be lotto winners. I believe the true meaning is if you want something bad enough and you put it out there, let people know about it and keep it top of mind it will show itself in one form or another.

This is what is so important about getting referrals. There are 2 reasons why we dont get more referrals; 1) we don’t ask for them and 2) we don’t ask properly, meaning if we want to get more referrals we need to create a picture when we ask for it.

An example might be if you are a social media marketer you want to tell people that a good referral for you is someone who says, ” I really dont get this twitter thing”. It puts the person referring in a situation that they will be in with words they will likely hear. Believe me when they do, they will think of you because you created the picture!

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