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Recession-Proof Your Business

Regardless of what phase of the cycle our economy is in as you read these words, the one sure thing is that good times will be around again…and so will bad times. The economy is cyclical. That is a fact. The question is: Are you prepared for the bad times as well as the good?

            Long-term successful businesses sit and strategize in both good and not-so-good times. It is funny, but whenever there is a threat to our economy, that is when businesses tighten their belts. They cut back on lavish expenses, keep only the best and most profitable employees, and concentrate on only the most profitable products or services they offer. Gosh, is there any reason we are not doing this all the time? Companies that have the most successful profit growth are the ones that act as if they always have to tighten their corporate belts.

            By focusing on the good of the customer/client base, we naturally focus on the good of our individual businesses. 

            In order to become a recession-proof business, careful, strategic planning, human asset investment, and more effective systems and procedures must be put into play in order to thrive, not just survive.

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