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For the love of pants

Last week after 2 full days of training I met a few friends in the female shopping wonderland called Chicago. Boy that magnificent mile sure is named appropriately!

After sharing my “wealth” with lots of different retail stores I found a neat little boutique.
I tried on several pairs of pants (because of course I need more) and found a fabulous pair that fit me like a glove. After I bought them my friends and I quickly realized that we had overextended our stay and needed to hightail it to the airport or we would be staying yet another day in “the wonderland”. Neither my pocketbook nor for that matter my marriage could sustain another day of that. We made it and the rest as they say is history. I woke up the next day and put on my new fabulous pants only to discover that the security tag was left on the leg of them. To say I was angry was an understatement!!

I immediately called the salesperson who sold me the pants and expressed my unhappiness. As we all know, salespeople are the easiest buyers but toughest to please. Her reply was, “I’m sorry, send them back and we’ll take care of it”. I am in Florida and she is in Chicago, there’s no better way to make me happy? She couldn’t think of one so I told her I would send them back for a refund. But still I thought about the pants and how nicely they fit…when you are over 40 things like this are important…

My next call was to Nordstrom’s department store here in my town. I asked the sales girl if they had the pants in stock and explained the situation. She checked and said yes they did but she made another suggestion that floored me. “Why don’t you just bring the pants in and we will take the security tag off for you, them you won’t have to send them back at all and you can wear them right away!” “No, no, no, I didn’t get these at Nordstrom’s in Chicago it was at a small boutique” I quickly explained. “Yes, I understand that but wouldn’t it be easier to just bring them in here?” Not quite sure of all this but wanting to take advantage of this before she catches on, I took the pants with me and after work I went to the store.

“Is Judy here” I asked, because she told me to ask for her. “Actually she’s not but (looking at the bag in my hand) are you Greta?” Like a deer in headlights I answered, “YYYES?” “Oh Judy explained the situation, my name is Phyllis and I can help” I gave her the pants and she called their loss prevention department. Someone came down and whisked my pants away. While I was waiting Phyllis showed me the other colors in the pants that made me look so good and asked I wanted to look at any other colors. Why not I was standing there anyway. Well loss prevention came to say that this was a different type of security then they use and it wouldn’t come off. Disappointed but appreciative I said thank you and was on my way when Phyllis said; “let me make a call”. She took my pants and said she would be right back. “Where are you going?” I said with confusion. “Oh I think Saks has this type of tag so I am going to see if they can take it off”. “What? Wait a minute. You remember I didn’t get these here?” “You still need it off though don’t you? So let me take it and I will be right back”

And she did! Holy customer service. Do you think I will continue shopping there? Do you think I will question pricing? Do you think I will tell others? I’m telling you aren’t I?

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