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Don’t stalk your prospects

We have always heard in sales it’s important to be persisitant. Seems we have taken that a bit too far. Persistance doesn’t mean calling and calling over and over. “Hey John it’s Jane from Acme products inc. You said you might be ready to talk in October and it’s October so I am following up”. “Well thanks Jane. We aren’t quite ready yet but keep checking in…” Great! thanks John, talk to you nest month.
Sound familiar? How many of you really think he is even remotely interested? Let’s relook at this scenario;

“Hi John, Jane from Acme Products, how are you? John when we spoke last month you said to call this month and the month before as well so have you made some decisions?”. “Well Jane not quite yet, give me another 30 days”.
“John, you know it sounds like you really dont want to move forward with this and you are just too nice to tell me, John I don’t want you to feel that way, lets just say this is a no and move on”.
“No, no Jane that’s not it. Here is the situation…..” now you should get the real story or actually get a no, which you were going to get anyway. If the real situation comes out then say,”OK John I get that but lets at least get together so we can dig deep into the situation and see what we can do. Since you shared some of the situation I feel like now that I know the situation we may be able to come up with some options, how does that sound? Let’s get our calendars out”.
If the answer is no here, then except it and move on. Don’t lose any more respect by stalking…
It is most important to have a clear next step on EVERY call. If not, stalking will occur. “I am not ready now, call me in a month, after the holidays, later in the year” Pick an excuse. that is all it is. If it’s real they will set a time and date with you. Calendars are 12 months long. If they think they might be interested they will calendar you. All the “follow-up” time is a waste since its most often a very polite NO. Ask yourself…how often do you get the account after calling and calling? Time can be much better spent!

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