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the end of 2009 brings a fresh start!

What a year! As the weather changes I feel like I can come out from under this crazy year. I don’t believe anyone has experienced such a thing before and hopefully not again in our lifetime. I do believe though that everything that happens allos us to learn and grow. If it doesn’t then we are definately worse for the wear!

I feel that most of us have learned that we have to look closer at the bottom-line. From speaking to clients and other business professionals we have always looked for ways to increase the top line using sales, marketing, networking and the like. That is and always will be important but it is human nature when things are going well revenue-wise we take our eye off of the ball and get a little lazy.
So what do we continue to do now and forward in any environment? Here are some important tips;

1) Look at your costs. Though that seems like it doesn’t need to be said, it surely does. Are you leasing space? If so so you still need as much as you did? If not sit down with your landlord and have a conversation. You never know what might come out of that. Are you utilizing all of you office equiptment at full tilt? If not maybe you can combine some of them and maybe sell others. How about insurances, credit cards etc. Look through all with a fine tooth comb.
2) Take a good look at your staff. You have probably already downsized your staff by now and if so, take a true 10,000 foot view of your existing staff. Are they working at full capacity? If not maybe you can cross-train some of them to take on other duties. As you grow in the next months and years to come, be prepared now. Hiring is something we tend to do when we “need”someone and we hire often out of desperation. We have the opportunity to take our best people, give them more opportunity to learn, take some ownership in their jobs and when you can afford to pay them more, do it.

3)Hire only the best salespeople. In the upcoming months you will probably be looking for more sales staff and that is a very good thing but can also be the beginning of you next downfall. I know that some of your layoffs were tough but I asso kknow that some were the best thing you did and in hind site should have done a long time before. Take time to hire someone better then your best person. Look at things like attitude, confidence etc. Dont be as concerned with their experience in your industry. That is a trap we fall into. Hire for attitude, train for experience. Believe me this will be much better then assuming because their resume says they have sold widgets before that they will be successful with you.

This time has been trying and I am not saying it is over but I do believe the worst has passed. Take this opportunity to fine-tune your organization. Keep your eyes on the top and bottom line allof the time and you will move ahead successfully in the coming years.

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