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What is a strategic roundtable?

Networking is a very powerful tool. When dome properly it can be extremely effective. If you “get” networking and building alliances then how about getting several people together to network together?
You can initiate it, you can lead it and everyone including and mostly you, will benefit.

How do you do it?

I will get back to you tomorrow o the details….

One Response to “What is a strategic roundtable?”

  1. Sorry ! A little Crazy!!

    A Strategic Round Table is a group of people that are typically other business associates that you know and respect. It can also be people that you are trying to get to know better. The idea is for you to invite these people (typicaly between 8-12) to a meeting for about an hour to hour and a half. Each person is instructed to be prepared to talk for about 10 minutes about their company, give their competitive advantage etc. Then be prepared to give a description of what a good referral is for them. Then listen to everyones list and try to help eachother with introductions if possible.
    If you are the initiator of this particular meeting and are helping people, especially in this economy, help eachother, you are the hero! People love it! try it out and give me feedback. Do you think the people in that room aren’t going to want to help you as well???

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