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Brochures Don’t Sell, You Do

This is a story about Christopher, a phonesystem
sales person. After several attempts,
Chris got an appointment with Cheryl Morris,the Executive Vice
President of a large m a n u f a c t u r i n g company.
On the morning of the meeting Chris prepared himself for
the appointment. He armed himself with the company’s
4-color, 10 page brochure, several testimonial letters and even a CD that explained the “features and benefits” of the phone system. Boy was he feeling good! He smiled to himself and thought,
“I’m gonna slam dunk this one!”

Upon arrival at the appointment he was greeted by a secretary who said, “Ms. Morris needed to run out and asked if you could
leave her some information.” Though disappointed, Chris was prepared
for this situation. He left his pile of information with the secretary and thanked her for her help. A few days later, Chris began the call, leave
a message, call again and leave a message cycle. After leaving voice message upon voice message with no return call he eventually
gave up. What happened? First of all, information will not sell. Only
people can do that. You need to get in front of the prospect and ask the right questions to get them to self-realize that they need your
product or service. Though marketing material is an important part of the sale it needs to be used properly, not as a substitution for you.
When a prospect says, “Can you just send me something?” it is typically a pretty package for “I’m not interested.”

Your AHA (as in Aha! That makes sense): If they don’t have time for you, they won’t take time to read your brochure, so hold it back
and call to re-set the appointment.

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