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How important is “not selling”

I am posting an actual letter I got from a client. I thought it really outlines the importance of “not selling” Check it out.

“I just had a great conversation with one of my best clients. They are exporting to KC from St. Louis and I arranged a meeting for their agency and leader in the KC market to meet with Terry Hillman and Joyce Hayhow yesterday to get acquainted. He was very impressed with our relationship approach to selling and that we don’t only talk about eye balls and readership statistics. He met with the daily paper after meeting our team and he wanted to leave after 5 minutes. He said their approach was so 20 years ago and they were only interested in selling ads saying the CEO’s would notice their ads far forward in the paper. It was eye opening for him to see the difference in our approach and the value we truly deliver. I have a meeting with him tomorrow to put together a nice contract in KC.

We definitely owe you a great deal of credit for your strength in consulting with us to develop our sales process skills and consultative approach to selling. It obviously separates us from the pack. Just make sure you stay away from our competition.”

-Bruce Hoskins, St. Louis Business Journal

One Response to “How important is “not selling””

  1. Greta,

    Your presentation at the BNI conference last week was incredible. You really opened my eyes to many things we can improve about our sales process. I’m ordering your book on Amazon today and can’t wait to receive it so I can learn more.



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