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To Test or not to test for sales candidates

How do you know if that sales candidate your sales manager or GSM fell in love with is really the superstar you hope they are? Before you pin your hopes on your managers’ ability to screen, recruit, interview and hire…you should know how pre-employment testing can raise your success rate in hiring new salespeople.

The keys to pre-employment testing is to make sure you’re testing for the right things.

Example: Do you want to hire salespeople who know how to sell? Or do you want to hire people who will sell? Understanding the difference can make or break your career as an executive. The right test will give you an accurate, honest assessment about your candidate and list them into the following four categories:

# 1. Can Sell and Will Sell: Know what to do and consistently execute in selling situations. Hire and train these and you’ll never need to worry about hitting budget.

#2. Can Sell but Won’t Sell: This is the most dangerous person to have on your team. They know what do in selling situations but don’t consistently execute. If you’ve got these on your team, find out if they’re fixable. If not, replace them.

#3. Cannot Sell But Will Sell: This person is the one that pleasantly surprises you. They don’t look or act like they could sell their way out of a paper bag, but they sell anyway. Hire these, provide the right type of on-going training and you can guarantee superstar performance.

#4. Cannot and Won’t Sell: Hopefully you don’t have any of these. They’re easiest to spot and you should deal with them quickly and decisively.

What’s the right type of test? Comment on your thoughts. What have you used? Like it? Didn’t like it? Let me know.

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