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Not getting enough referrals????

This is from my friend Steve Gordon…. He always has great ideas. Check it out;

Referrals, referrals, referrals…

Boy have I been getting a lot of questions about referrals!

– How do I get more referrals?
– Why would someone refer me? (good question)
– What’s the best way to get referrals?
– Don’t people get annoyed when I ask for a referral?

FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, what is the big hang up with referrals?

Then it hit me…

I said to myself…”Self: They’re all thinking about it the wrong
way and they don’t know it.”

Your clients don’t refer you to do YOU a favor. They do it to make
themselves FEEL GOOD. It’s totally selfish.

Think about the last time you recommended a great restaurant to a
friend. You probably went on and on about how the edamame was
perfectly crisp and the pinot noir was especially smooth.

And you felt good inside because you were turning your friend on to
a great experience.

So…when you give great service and ask for referrals you give
your clients the opportunity to feel good. Why wouldn’t you want to
do that for each and every client?

As I outline in my popular 7 Deadly Marketing Sins e-book…there
are four reasons you’re not getting all the referrals you want:

1. You’re uncomfortable asking (hopefully I’ve destroyed that
mental barrier with the example above)

2. You don’t know how to ask. (the words you use make all the

3. You don’t know when to ask. Timing is everything. Too early and
you’re not proven…too late and they’ve lost the mood.

4. You don’t make asking for referrals part of your
marketing/selling/fulfillment system. i.e. A line item on the check
list of “103 Things we do for each and every client.”

Check out SteveGordonMarketing.com for more

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